Create new OOAK (one of a kind) pieces from old, discarded, or favourite fabrics and clothing!

Recycle and reuse – be mindful of the environment!

Learn about upcycling methods, sewing methods, and get creative!



-upcycling tutorial; perusal of lookbook for ideas;

-design/sketching session;

-fabric discussion and fabric choices*;

-time to browse and/or purchase items in Old Soul Works/itsie’s bitsies (either completed items, items for upcycling, and/or new and vintage fabrics for use in your item);

-laying out/placement of fabrics;

-basting/taping if necessary;

-if time permits, cutting fabrics.

-for one participant, possible to start/complete a basic item.



-All of the above in Workshop #2, plus:

-Placement of fabrics; cutting fabrics;

-fitting pieces together;

-pinning pieces together;

-basting or taping if necessary;

-possible to begin sewing your garment/item either on your own, with my help, or with me sewing it;

-possible to complete a simple basic garment/item if there are only 1-2 participants.



-All of the above in Workshop #3, plus some or all of the following:

-Embellishments/appliques to fabric pieces if desired (lace, trims, buttons, embroidery, leather);

-More complicated garment design/construction;

-More time to sew and possibly finish your item if there are 1-3 participants;

-possibility to design and begin layout/cutting for an additional garment such as a scarf, ornament or pillow if desired.



-All of the above in Workshop #4, plus some or all of the following:

-Even more time to sew and possibly complete a garment/item if there are 2-5 participants;

-More time for design/construction of more complicated items or a secondary item;

-Basic instruction on how to sew and/or serge if desired;

-Basic Dress Form design/garment construction if desired.



-All of the above in Workshop #5, plus some or all of the following:

-Even more time to sew and possible complete a garment/item for 3-6 participants;

-More time for design/construction of your more complicated item or secondary item;

-More time for sewing/serging instruction, etc.


Workshop prices are per person, regardless of number of participants.

Workshops are for ladies, and girls over the age of 7*.

Participants often ask me if I offer group discounts. The reason I don’t offer group discounts is that the more participants there are in a workshop, the more difficult my job becomes:

There is more preparation time needed; more organization of the workshop and materials; and more planning of the workshop and also the prep and sewing areas.

I need to ensure that there are enough work surfaces cleared and prepared for 2-6 people which starts days in advance; during the workshop the logistics of how to address everyone, divide my attention, pull fabrics, and to give each participant the time, instruction and individual assistance they will need, is quite the juggling act. It’s a fun, whirlwind of an environment, often with many mis-steps and hearty laughs.

Please keep in mind, that the more participants there are, the less time, less space, and less assistance there will be for each individual. My studio can comfortably accommodate four participants; but for five or even up to the maximum of six participants, space will be a bit cramped and the floor will need to be used, not to mention possibly all not getting to sew, or finish their item. However, it is a crazy and fun workshop to have this many!

*Children under the age of 12 will find it easier to make a pillow, stuffed animal, or simple t-shirt rework. Please ask for children’s rates.


-anyone who needs more time to complete their project is welcome to return another day, and pricing will be different than workshop pricing.

a) First hour is free

b) Additional hours with full or minimal instruction

c) Additional hours with full or minimal instruction

d) Additional hours with no instruction, just the use of space/machines


Please bring any fabrics or clothing that you have and wish to upcycle! Don’t have anything? No problem…you’ll find some here. Depending on the piece you choose, they will either be free of charge (included in your workshop fee), or minimally priced.

The beauty of upcycling, is that you can use (and even buy!) clothing that is damaged, or too large/small! No more passing up that dream dress because its too small! Go ahead and buy it! Have a favourite kids t-shirt? Ripped your top? Shrunk it? Bring it! Let the transformation begin!